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roasted spatchcocked turkey

Spatchcocking A Turkey And Other Surgeries

Imagine a Thanksgiving turkey with crispy skin, succulent meat, cooked fast, and easy to cleanup? THIS IS THAT RECIPE. Spatchcock. That is the new word of the day. Spatchcocking means to cut out the backbone and lay the bird flat – can be any bird – and it cooks in a gloriously short amount of …

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Stuffed Cabbage, Ina vs Mom

I have grown up eating stuffed cabbage from my mom’s old black dutch oven bubbling away on top of the stove for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I hated the cabbage, so she’d make a few “unstuffed cabbage” meatballs and serve those up along with white rice and lots of sauce. …

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Panko-Crusted Onion Chicken

My mom’s made this recipe for years, and now I made this recipe on the regular. What’s nice is that the chicken never touches the pan, it lays on top of a bed of onions (or, if you’re like me, garlic cloves too!) and crisps up nicely and remains juicy.  Feel free to sub out the …

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Baked Tortellini

I adore Giada deLaurentiis. I do.  I think we’d be really good friends, laughing over shredded brussels sprouts and bowls of pomegranates. When it comes to Italian food, Giada is my guru. Except when it’s Friday evening after a long week of work and grad school, and I just want a simple, quick dinner that …

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